She's Caught in a Run Down

Another obnoxious Red Sox fan with too much to say.

But if you're looking for specifics, I'm a 28 year old living in Boston. Oh, and I'm part of the game day staff at Fenway.

End of the season blues

Well, it’s the off season for the Red Sox and I’ve officially failed as a blogger this year. I apologize immensely, but…yea oh well. I’m excited to watch the post season this year, mostly because I love baseball and October Ball is awesome, but also because it should be an extremely interesting one.

Thank you, Captain.

Thank you, Captain.

Also, it was incredible, and a bit weird, to be able to see Jeter’s final at…

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Red Sox vs. Yankees, vol. 3

Red Sox vs. Yankees, vol. 3

Well this weekend marks another Red Sox and Yankees series. This time, for the bet, we decided that the loser would wear the opposing team’s shirt/jersey for an entire day, in public. The day will be mutually agreed upon, mostly so it’s a day that we’re spending together somewhere.

Please pray for a Red Sox victory.

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National Baseball Hall of Fame!

National Baseball Hall of Fame!

So in May, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Cooperstown, NY with my Yankee-loving boyfriend. While the original idea for the trip was to hit up the Brand New/Modest Mouse concert at the Ommegang Brewery, obviously we had to take a day just to hang out at the Hall of Fame down the street.

Aren’t we just too adorable?

Neither of us are the type of people to linger in museums all day,…

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Bet #2

Sorry for the long delay on this post. As we all know, the Red Sox lost the second series to the Yankees, meaning that I lost the second bet. This time, I was tasked with making Yankee cookies.

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Yankee Oreo Balls

They didn’t come out as nice as I would have liked them (I had a hard time with some blue chocolate piping, so I had to settle for light blue gel frosting), but I won’t lie- they’re…

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This is literally the best gifset to ever grace tumblr, omg

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So obviously I lost the first bet

And it was awful.   Also, I lost the second bet. So I’m on my way to making Yankee cookies tomorrow.

So obviously I lost the first bet

And it was awful.   Also, I lost the second bet. So I’m on my way to making Yankee cookies tomorrow.

The First Series

Well, the first Red Sox – Yankees series of the season has started and it isn’t definitely not going in my favor. At least it’s only been one game, so there is time to turn this around. 

For the first wager, we’ve decided on making the loser wear the opposite hat and jersey for their default facebook photo for a week. In the event of a tie, we’ll both lose.

Cross your fingers for a Sox victory!

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Yankees Misspell Ellsbury at Opening Day

Well, this is hilarious.

It’s Fenway Opening Day!

It’s Fenway Opening Day!

You guys. It’s finally Opening Day at Fenway! What better way to kick off the 2014 season than with a World Series Ring Ceremony? I’m seriously looking forward to this (understatement of the year!) and will certainly update you all as soon as I can afterwards. It’s going to be awesome, for sure!

I’m looking for a repeat this year!

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Today in Red Sox history: April 4

2001: Hideo Nomo no-hits the Orioles, 3-0 at Camden Yards in his first start in a Red Sox uniform.